Putin, Russia and the West (BBC, 2012, Russian Subtitles)

After everything that has happened in Russia recently I would really like to recommend this excellent series from the BBC. It’s 4 hours, but it explains a lot and the versions below have russian subtitles. I spent the day in bed to avoid getting a cold and just finished watching it. Vladimir Putin, after eight … Continue reading

Toy ‘protesters’ present small problem for Siberian police

Police in Siberian city ask prosecutors to investigate legality of protest involving display of toy figures holding miniature placards A story from the Guardian: “Russian police don’t take kindly to opposition protesters – even if they’re 5cm high and made of plastic. Police in the Siberian city of Barnaul have asked prosecutors to investigate the … Continue reading

Military cooperation and war over resources in the Arctic

I found this article from The Voice of Russia on my way to Moscow. China starts to get interested in the Arctic too now: “Ottawa is considering the construction of the Royal Canadian Air Force base at Resolute Bay, Nunavut, which is to have a 3,000-metre paved runway to accept heavy cargo aircrafts and ensure … Continue reading

Russia finds legal way to dig further into Arctic shelf

“Russia may be the largest country in the world but some think it is still not big enough. They plan to get closer to the vast maritime resources in the Arctic by expanding Russia’s jurisdiction further north. Officials say the expansion will be possible if Russia slightly changes its approach to the calculation of the … Continue reading