Blue Marble – Most amazing high-definition picture of Earth ever taken

NASA has just released this mind-blowing photograph Earth, which was captured earlier this month by the Agency’s most recently launched Earth-observing satellite, Suomi NPP. The image you see here is actually something of a mosaic — a patchwork piece that collects photos taken from Suomi NPP over the course of January 4, 2012 and stitches … Continue reading

Volcanic origin for Little Ice Age

Glaciers in the Alps have receded dramatically from their most historically recent maxima (the Little Ice Age, AD 1750-1850). This painting by Birman in 1826 illustrates the Mer de Glace, France soon after the glacier had reached its maximum extent (Gugelmann Collection, Swiss National Library, Bern). Richard Black, Environment correspondent for BBC News, reports: “The … Continue reading

100 Places – No. 11 • The Arctic Ocean

100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear features 100 photographs from one hundred different places around the world in risk of disappearing or seriously threatened by climate change. On this website you can see the photographs and find further information and news about climate change and the project. Among ambassadors are Joss Stone, Desmund Tutu … Continue reading