A toast to absent friends

Lupin, the brilliant Junkie, the man who broke into Station One with nothing but a screwdriver and a pack of smokes…. Who would have thought I ever meet that bastard again. And who would have thought that I would meet him on a train to Moscow.

The train security caught him smoking out of the windows. When I heard his voice complaining and bitching I knew it was him right away: that dashing french dude with more charm than a normal woman can take, smelling like he just robbed a perfumery and pretending he never heard of any smoking laws.

He had stayed with the crew in Vienna for the last couple of months and someone from down there had gotten him a gig outside of Moscow.

Lupin had not changed a bit since I met him for the first time somewhere before the White Noise Crisis. I fell for him again right away.

I showed my card to the security and invited him into my little railway cave. Lupin had a bottle of Cognac on him and we giggled a lot before falling asleep to the sound of the engines.

Lupin ran into Tommy in Paris just a short time ago. Sounds like good old Tommy Blank is back on his blog as well. I haven’t found his new thing yet, but I heard he is in Scotland now or at least that’s what a little bird told me somewhere else on the Interwebs.

Me and Lupin share more than one little secret. He was with me in Seattle after those rednecks got Ben and he still knows what I like. I guess we still make a good team and he would be a good partner right now. If it comes to lockpicking, Lupin is the best, but some people still want my ass and I’m not sure whether I really need a partner right now.

Lupin also needed the money and he was an old friend. He was an ideal candidate, but I normally work alone and the erotic tension might get in the way. I have to think about this, but I know that he can’t come with me right now. We will have to split up in Moscow.

I can’t wait until I get out of this stinky train. It’s kind of fun for a while to see the landscape go by, but at some point you just get bored of it.

– I’m getting worried about the political climate in the arctic region. I got some disturbing news from friends out there. No reason to be alarmed yet, but it feels strange to hear that a certain polar village is being gentrified by rich assholes right now. The new gold rush is on and everyone wants to get a share of the last resources out there.

– Am I hiding behind the 3d screen? Maybe I am, but I don’t need any more “official photos” of me right now. Maybe when the time is right…

Right now I just get a kick out of working with some old school software I’m familiar with.

A girl needs a hobby.

You can click on the pictures for bigger versions.

One Response to “A toast to absent friends”
  1. popmoderne says:

    I should have known.

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